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DuelingNetwork Name : Eternal-Light-TX-
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PostSubject: demarionebrown   Fri Oct 03, 2014 4:30 am

Deck of Tester: Blackwing
Deck of Testee: Artifacts -.- (yawn)

DN Name of Tester:Bumblebee91
DN Name of Testee: vampier lord 12

Match Duel: 2/3

Deck build: 8/20 just like any other build tbh

Creativity/Originality: 3/10 had a few techs in but not many

Misplay: 6/10 had a few mis plays and didnt read cards and didnt really get at what i was doing game but clocked on to a misplay of mine

Strategy: 5/10 them fire hands and ice hands where his big plays tbh wasnt very good in my eyes.. he destroyed wrong cards at one point so i was able to pull off my moves

Siding skills: 0/5 had no side deck

Field control: 5/10 spammed the hands very well xD

Ruling: 6/10 didnt understand leos effect and tried to 101 it in his m2

Overall View: 5/10 needs some work and needs t get a side deck... needs a few rulings brushing up on and also needs to think abiout how to play around a opponents deck

Result: 5/15 1-2 my favour

TOTAL: 43/100

welcome to
Slifer red


If you fail to understand the way the test is done, the tester will kindly explain it to you.

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DuelingNetwork Name : Pepchoninga
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PostSubject: Re: demarionebrown   Fri Oct 03, 2014 4:34 am

wellcome demar ^^

On your knees before the GOD OF GODS

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