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 Crow's Test Results

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DuelingNetwork Name : zanekaiser123
Posts : 22
Join date : 2014-09-27

PostSubject: Crow's Test Results   Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:24 am

The decks used: Tester: Evols

Duel Results:5/10

He lost 2-1

Attitude: 10/10

Very nice guy, funny and friendly.

Field Control: 6/10

He didn't really have much field control. The only time he had it was in game 1. I had control over both the other games. Also I must admit that your deck looks good and you could have done many things but my counter monsters and traps blocked you.

General Skills: 13/15

Good skills for the use of blackwings. Did the right the things and his aim was always synchro summoning. He almost did that in every turn. But you should understand how blackwings work in the first place.

Siding Skills: 10/15 (How the side affects the next duel)

I have seen good siding skills in game 2 which countered and that's a good sign. But looking at your side deck, do you really think that adding "Shadow Imprisoing mirror is a good thing? Your whole deck is dark and that will simply counter you more than your opponent. Having Seven Tools of the Bandit in your side deck? Why not use something like Wiretap or a second dark bribe?

Misplays: 8/10

Did one misplay through out the game. He thought that he could summon Boar as a special summon forgetting than I negated Sircoo's summon in the first place.

Rulling test: 6/10

Synergy : 8/10

Decent deck. The cards you used were well placed together.

Control of Duel: 6/10

The six points are from the first game. The second and the third game, I cannot say that you had much control. You were countered by everything. Rather kept defending.

Total : 72/100

Slifer Red 0-69
Ra Yellow 70-89
Obelisk Blue 90-100

Welcome to Ra Dorm. ^^

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(Akatsuki) Light


DuelingNetwork Name : (Akatsuki) Light
Posts : 21
Join date : 2014-10-07
Age : 22
Location : Somewhere...

PostSubject: Re: Crow's Test Results   Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:41 am

Welcome to the Academy! Smile

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DuelingNetwork Name : patrick1324
Posts : 20
Join date : 2014-10-06

PostSubject: Re: Crow's Test Results   Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:54 am

welcome to nwa
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DuelingNetwork Name : supdesup
Posts : 57
Join date : 2014-09-24

PostSubject: Re: Crow's Test Results   Fri Oct 10, 2014 2:25 am

welcome to nwa


^^^ blue eyes too strnk

~other stuff....
. ---> dass weaardddd
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DuelingNetwork Name : Pepchoninga
Posts : 104
Join date : 2014-09-24
Location : In you Dreams! MUHAHAHAHA

PostSubject: Re: Crow's Test Results   Fri Oct 10, 2014 3:04 am

welcome to NWA Ra-Boy ;D

On your knees before the GOD OF GODS

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PostSubject: Re: Crow's Test Results   

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Crow's Test Results
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